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  1. Heading towards the 2nd major cross-team cross-device release in two sequential months of my first year leading the privacy team in the first year of the privacy team's existence.
  2. A lot of people speculating on what 4D chess game Msk is playing with Twitter... But honestly he's acting exactly like a 13 yo boy who has just been given moderation powers over his favorite forum and I don't think you have to look deeper than that.
  3. And he appears to have followed that up by tearing down Twitter Spaces as a feature across the whole platform, making it unavailable to everyone in the hope no one will hear him be mad. JohnPaczkowski/1603615569793515520
  4. hmmm
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  5. As someone who has modded more than one internet forum back in the day it's extremely hard to believe someone would pay >$40 billion dollars for the experience, but here we are.
  6. What happens if January 1 hits and Twitter isn't compliant with the CDPA?
  7. If posting real time location data isn't allowed, perhaps Twitter should turn it off as an app feature?
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  8. It appears Twitter is putting a warning up any time a user tries to click on links to a number of Mastodon instances.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  9. He's so thin-skinned lol.
    oh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their APIoh my god twitter doesn’t include alt text from images in their API
  10. wtf
  11. feels like the last two paragraphs of this do not quite match the rest of the piece...
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  12. The detective joke was right there! CBSNews/1603117730357313536
  13. Seems corrupt. i mean come on, usually you take the board seat *after* being in office gregorykorte/1602671208079794176
  14. It's sort of fked that it appears they intend to take advantage of OpenStreetMap but it doesn't sound like they plan to contribute or fund it.
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  15. This sounds like a bad idea with no justification other than airline executives wanting to funnel more money to their personal accounts and abuse their employees to the point of risking the safety of their customers.
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  16. It's almost like the process of becoming increasingly wealthy and entrenched in the executive class... is bad and disconnects you from society and people in such a way as to turn you towards authoritarianism. bentarnoff/1602694039014367234
  17. "The White House now plans to announce that it’s reopening access to its stockpile of tests for a limited time as part of a broader “winter preparedness plan” it will roll out on Thursday."
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  18. You'll know the press has turned on Eln when they stop using hero shots from above and slightly to the side and switch to topping their articles with villain shots, where the camera is looking up at him. Chronotope/1481887312967569417
  19. With the removal of Westworld from HBO Max I'm wondering if their new CEO even understands what a streaming service is. "The removal of shows from HBO Max means WB Discovery is able to save money in residuals paid to cast and crews of productions"
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  20. "They’ll ask why consistently wrong, highly paid columnists continue to dominate newsroom mastheads, and where the writers who live in, lived in, or at least understand their communities are."
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  21. I think this is great. I've long argued that a fundamental understanding of HTML is the sort of baseline knowledge, like sentence structure, that's important for being effective writing on the web.
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  22. 1. Judges that don't react to your keeping your airpods in will be unusual. 2. US states have very specific rules about recording people without their consent, and *even more* rules about recording inside court rooms. In many places it is explicitly illegal to do this. jbrowder1/1602484316339986432
  23. This is really good, a deep dive on the topic of surveillance.
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  24. Netflix joins the rest of the media cos talking about brand safety in digital advertising. SamEBJones/1602179846532370433
  25. Incredibly predictable and entirely fked up.
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  26. Ended up on Bing maps by accident today and ... wow is it full of errors. Old stuff, incorrect stuff, outright nonsense.
  27. Not great. But hard to imagine a way in which they aren't legally obligated to follow up on this.
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  28. Always boo a billionaire. Gizmodo/1602243126017789953
  29. I'm curious, has anyone written anything about the portrayal of the NYPD in the most recent AHS season?
  30. "The ruling class seized cities and chose to turn them into . . . this? To our right is a place that sells wiggly candles."
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  31. In what is somewhat of an irony the only thing making ad money for publishers right now is Taboola/Outbrain.
  32. "For more than a decade, the ad tech industry has tried to replace the term “fingerprinting” with euphemisms, like probabilistic modeling. "But too bad for ad tech, because the term stuck." duncanwc/1600994833572589570
  33. Ok, seriously, move your DMs to me to Keybase jfc justinbaragona/1600949736353431552
  34. Why does copy/paste from outlook in dark mode work like *that*?!?!? WTF
  35. This is 100% true! Data you create prob isn't that valuable on an individual basis. Economies of scale etc... but increasingly I am thinking this is not the only way that personalization systems cause you to labor in such a way that they extract value. There's... negative data. Ryanbarwick/1600862820693725185
  36. "governments have largely decided that the economy matters more than a few hundred six-year-old girls and boys. They’re betting they can smile and lie their way through it, and we’ll just play along."
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